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  Good morning.my favorite teacher and classmates. It is my pleasure to take a speech here for all of you. The title of my speech today is: Love.

  What is loveThe word love comes from Latin, its original meaning is continuous concern for others.As we can see, love has four letters, L O V E. L stands for listen, it requires us listen to the needs of others. O stands for only, we are all longing for the purest love. V stands for valued, valued opinions of others. E stands for excuse, be tolerant about the mistakes of others.This is the literal meaning of love.

  In fact, Love is varied and changeable, but roughly it can be divided into three categories: family love, fraternal love and amatory love.We have already enjoyed the family love over 20 years. About this I have a lot to say.

  Family love is what everyone longs for. the family love is the promise of spring, the cool of summer, the fruit of autumn, the warmth of winter. Families love bring the warmth and Supports to us. They are our beloved ones who deeply rooted in our heart.Family love is a kind of dutywhich can be felt, after that transforming duty into a habit. Family love is the starting of miss, but there is no end. Family love is infinite homesickness and the desire for family reunion.

  When we are faced with difficulties, when we failed the exam, when our jobs isn’t going well ,when we are short of mone平顶山癫痫病医院在哪里y. just think of our

  families, think of the time we enjoy together ,we will feel relax and refreshed. they willcomfort us. they are our spiritual forces, they encourage us and give backing to us. We will gain the power to overcome the trouble and get outof the hardship.When we achieve success, they will feel proud and really happy for us.They will also encourage us to make more progress.

  Family love is invisible, no one can clearly say what she is like. Family love is free, nobody will let you pay the money for this reason. Family love in invaluable, there is nothing better than her. Family love is selfless, in the world does not have the thing to be able to sacrifice itself compared to her. Family love is endless, whenever, you can feel the existence of it.

  Family love is so treasured that we should cherish it carefully. Family members should understand to others. When we disagree with each other, wecan try to think in other people’s stand. Our parents and we grow up in different periods, that will almost certainly lead to arguments. When it happens, we should calm down first. Then think seriously about it . even if they make mistakes, we should also be considerate of them.Don't loas sight of the forest for its trees.Therefore it is necessary to make more exchanges with family members. We should often make phones to each other and let them know our current situation.

  Grimm’s Fairy Tales has such a story, g小儿癫痫病的早期症状randpa is old, he often brokethe bowl and usually spilled soup when eating. The son was very impatient and gave grandpa a wooden bowl, let him sit a side to eat lonely. The grandson saw what the son has done. Later, the son saw the grandson spelling wooden bowl with building block. The son asked the grandson what he was doingThe son said: I’m making a wooden bowl for you to eat when I grow up. Respecting Parents is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. To maintain the family love needs understanding and love. Don’t be too care about the small faults of our families, we should understand them and help them. Giving your families a cup of hot tea.Helping families hammer shoulders and back. Doing some clearing. Usually chatting with them. We should use practical actions to bring love for our families.

  As a member of the family, we should bear our own duty. We should be nice to our parents and care about children. No matter how successful of your career, no matter how high a position you hold, in your family, you are all equal. You can not impose your own ideas on others. When you have words with them, you should calm down first and sit down, to create a family atmosphere of listening and trust each other. You also should praise the family members usually. Appropriate praise can create a kind of warmth and friendly atmosphere. It also can make each other’s mood more pleasure and harmony.

  Above all, family love is indispensible 怎样治疗小儿癫痫in our daily life. we should cherish the time we spend together. And getting along with them .Being a college student ,I involve long periods away from home. I always call my families and communicate with them. Even so ,I still miss my families greatly. I want to go home immediately, what about you


  hello,everyone. good afternoon. thank you for giving me thisopportunity to talk about my top concern. i'm no.26, i'll talk about friend.

  everyone of us,rich or poor,should at least have one or two good friends. my friend will listen to me when i want to speak, will help me when i need,will take care of me when i am sick,and my friends will go together with me side by side through this journey of life.when i was ten, i was suddenly confronted with the anguish of transferring to other school. i had to left my friends i had ever known. as a kid,i feel lonely when i study in a new environment without a person i had known. nobody i could talk,nobody could know when i feel lonely. the time when i couldn't sleep, i'll always miss them, then the tears filled my eyes.

  later, i became familar with the environment ,and made somefriends ,which became my best friends then. they talked with me when i felt lonely, they helped me when i needed, they took care of me when i was sick. even through we were part, we still keep in touch with each other.

  in our whole lives,we'll meet too much 儿童癫痫病发作时的症状people but only a few can be our best friends. when staying with them,we can release ourself completely. we can do whatever we want, we can laugh together, talk together, and even cry together. i should say that being together with our best friends is the most wonderful moment of our lives.but in this fast-developing modern society, the reality is not that. more and more people forget to enjoy the beauty of friendship.

  they work hard in order to gain a higher position in the society and to earn more money for their work. they have few time to share with their friends. with the time goes by, they will be far away from each other.

  friend is kind of treasure in our lives. it's actually like a bottle of wine, the longer it is kept, the sweeter it will be. it also likes a cup of hot tea, when we are in bed time, it will warm our broken hearts.

  friends,especially best friends. it is what we should have in our lives,and it can make our lives be colorful go beyond our imagination.thanks for your listening. this is what i concerned.









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